At One Acadiana, you’ll find a team of passionate, goal-oriented professionals who are working to grow our economy and tackling our most pressing challenges, including business development, public policy, and urban revitalization. Contact any staff member by calling (337) 233-2705 between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. or sending an email by clicking a staff member's photo below.

Jim Bourgeois
Jim Bourgeois Interim President & CEO; Executive Director, Business Development
Missy Bienvenu Andrade
Missy Bienvenu Andrade VP, Investor Relations & Development
Jeff Bashaw
Jeff Bashaw COO
Anita Begnaud
Anita Begnaud VP, Governmental Affairs & Communications
André Breaux
André Breaux VP, Policy Initiatives
Zach Hager
Zach Hager Director, Business Development
Amanda Henry
Amanda Henry Associate, Accounting & Receptionist
Alex Lazard
Alex Lazard Director, Events
Trenton Leonards
Trenton Leonards Controller
Keely McGibboney
Keely McGibboney Senior Policy Analyst
Cindi Meche
Cindi Meche Manager, Creative Services
Danielle Morrissey
Danielle Morrissey Manager, Business Development
Ashley Mudd
Ashley Mudd Director, Leadership Institute of Acadiana
Anna Osland
Anna Osland Manager, Policy Initiatives
Rebecca Shirley
Rebecca Shirley Director, Business Development
Brittany Sylvester
Brittany Sylvester Coordinator, Investor & Member Relations
Harry Weiss
Harry Weiss VP, Urban Revitalization & Development
Chasah West
Chasah West Manager, Communications
Rhyan Wheeler
Rhyan Wheeler Director, Investor & Member Engagement

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