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Acadiana business leaders are getting more insight on the future of Louisiana's economy.
One Acadiana hosted the 2017 Entree to Business Breakfast with Doctor Loren Scott.

"We are looking back at 2017 and seeing where the economy has come from,"  said Anita Begnaud, VP of Gov. Affairs & Comm. "We are also looking ahead to see where the economy is going.  Dr. Loren Scott gives a very witty performance on the economy, but a very informative one."

Economist Answers The Question About When Job Growth Will Occur In Lafayette Area

Economist Loren Scott said the Lafayette area will lose about 800 jobs in 2018, but should experience a recovery in 2019 with the addition of 1,600 jobs.
Scott made his 14th annual Louisiana Economic Output report to One Acadiana in Lafayette on Thursday morning.
“Louisiana is finally emerging from a 20-month recession due to a dramatic downturn in the state’s oil patch,” the report states.

Economist Loren Scott suggests in his Louisiana Economic Outlook that Louisiana may top the 2 million employment mark in 2019, if job strength continues to grow.

Speaking to One Acadiana last week, Scott said the state began to emerge from a 20-month recession last spring and will add 12,000 jobs in 2018 and 22,300 jobs the following year. If those projections are right, he said, Louisiana will count 2,013,600 employed people in 2019, the first time in history it will cross the 2 million mark.

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Acadiana's prosperity remains inextricably linked to oil and gas, a leading Louisiana economist says. That's the old news.

Here's what new: The Lafayette area is nearing bottom of a multiyear economic slump, the result of a lingering energy prices tailspin, but may see some rebound in 2019.

The short story, according to Loren Scott, LSU professor emeritus in economics?

The oil slump-stricken Lafayette area could begin to add jobs in 2019, about 1,600 of them, but likely will first experience another slight down year of 800 jobs in 2018, an economic forecast shows.

The good news for Lafayette is that the rate of job losses, which ripped away 10.6 percent of employment over the past two years, is slowing, said Loren Scott, author of the Louisiana Economic Outlook. To get an idea of how bad that was for Lafayette, total U.S. employment during the Great Recession of 2008-2009 fell 6.1 percent.

Louisiana’s energy industry is a fickle friend, cruel to some communities, uplifting in others.

One might glean that from economist Loren Scott’s “The Louisiana Economic Outlook: 2018 and 2019,” which the author presented at a One Acadiana breakfast in Lafayette this week.

In that report, Scott says:

Two newly approved policy measures will strengthen transparency and accountability for DOTD spending and project delivery: Constitutional Amendment No. 3 and Executive Order No. 17-25. 1A provided leadership in advancing both.

This month, 1A’s Transportation Infrastructure Committee hosted Lafayette Regional Airport Executive Director Steven Picou for an update and Q&A on the airport’s new terminal project.

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LAGCOE is focused on energy. To facilitate the promotion of energy industry commerce, LAGCOE hosts events, such as LAGCOE’s biennial technical expositions and conferences, which bring together people from all areas of the energy industry looking to explore new technology, products, and services; conduct business to business meetings, and make lasting connections for long-term professional success.

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LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – When it comes to Lafayette’s economic outlook for 2018, respected economist Dr. Loren Scott says the Hub City has not bottomed out yet.

Despite recent job loss, Scott says the numbers have been worse, like during the oil bust of the 1980s.

“Your job loss now vs your job loss back in the 1980’s totally different – it was 19%, now you’re down 11%, Scott says.

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